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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
Q. What is MyChicagoListing.com?
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MyChicagoListing.com is the next generation in Real Estate Internet Web sites developed by Consulting By Design, Inc. The site was designed with the input of several top producing Chicago realtors, brokers, marketing specialists, and individual property owners. We came up with the following list of features for our first release of the site:


My Chicago Listing offers the following features to all of it’s members:


  • Easily add/modify/delete your own listings
  • Ability to create different styles of PDF flyers
  • Ability to have your address (www.your-address-here.com) go directly to your listing page
  • Ability to choose different styles of listing detail templates
  • Ability to upload 10 pictures
  • Ability to upload movie files or link to a virtual tour
  • Ability to upload documents like disclosures, contracts, features, floorplans, etc.
  • Searchable on MyChicagolisting.com
  • No advertising on your listing page!

Professional Members get the added benefits of:


  • Replacing the MyChicagoListing banner with your own image or flash animation
  • A single page listing all your listings with your own personal Google Map showing only your listings.
  • Ability to upload a logo or picture
  • An introduction about yourself, your experience in the industry, accomplishments, etc.
  • Ability to link to your company Web site or other personal Web site.
  • Ability to duplicate listing details
  • Administer 20 listings at one time (More available upon request)


And we are adding new functionality all the time…


About MyChicagoListing.com (For Sellers)

    1 What is MyChicagoListing.com?
    2 How do I pay for a membership with MyChicagoListing.com?
    3 Do you have a refund policy?
    4 I already have a Real Estate Web site. Why should I use MyChicagoListing.com?
    5 Why should I use MyChicagoListing.com?
    6 Who can use the site?
    7 What are the types of property I can advertise on MyChicagoListing.com?
    8 How much is a membership?
    9 Why does MyChicagoListing.com cost money when there are so many other FREE listing Web sites?
    10 I don’t have time to keep up another listing site. Can you update my listings for me?
    11 I advertise my Listings on Craig’s List. How can MyChicagoListing.com benefit me?
    12 Who will see my listing on MyChicagoListing.com?
    13 Do you offer Internet marketing consulting services?

About MyChicagoListing.com (For Buyers)

    1 What are the types of properties I can search for on MyChicagoListing.com?
    2 I am interested in a listing. Who do I contact?

Administration of My Listings

    1 Can I link to a Virtual Tour I have on another Web site?
    2 How do I unsubscribe?
    3 How do I change my contact information?
    4 Can I upload my personal picture or company logo?
    5 Can I have a custom banner?
    6 I forgot my password. What should I do?
    7 How do I get my listing to be displayed on the opening page and how much does it cost?
    8 How do I become a featured member and how much does it cost?
    9 How long does my listings stay active?
    10 How do I reactivate my account?
    11 I see lots of people using their address to market their property. Can I do that with MyChicagoListing.com?
    12 What size should the photos be that I upload?
    13 I have a virtual tour hosted by another company. Can I link to a virtual tour on another Web site?
    14 I have several movie files of my real estate listing. Can I upload those files?
    15 I am a developer building a multi-unit building and all the features are basically the same for each unit. Do I have to create a listing for each individual unit I am selling?
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